Von Baker Rottweilers - Home of - "The Fabulous Baker Boys"Von Baker Rottweilers - Home of - "The Fabulous Baker Boys"Von Baker Rottweilers - Home of - "The Fabulous Baker Boys"
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Record Breaking Performances since the early 1980's by Von Baker's Rottweiler Productions

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Von Baker Rottweilers - MRC - Stud Dog Winner

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  • Winner of the Iams Tournament of Champions "Breeder of the Year" award in 1990
  • Over 35 Champions of record for America, Canada, International, and abroad
  • Bests in Specialty Show, Bests in Show, Bests in Sweepstakes, Award of Merits, Top Ten, Veterans, and Stud Dog / Brood Bitch Winners
  • Advanced Obedience and Agility titleholders, including Herding Instinct Tested, CGC - Canine Good Citizen, RTD - Registered Therapy Dog, Total Dog Award, and Temperament Tested
  • ARC - American Rottweiler Club Producers of Merit - Gold, Silver, Bronze Sires & Dams, and MRC - Medallion Rottweiler Club Hall of Fame

Von Baker Rottweilers

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Von Baker Rottweilers located in Allendale, Michigan, U.S.A.
Behind the Scenes: Producer/Director Pat Baker, Co-producers Rob & Michelle Baker
Stage Hands: Julie Higgins, Sindy Buford, and Lynette Landry
Camera Man: Professional Dog Show Photographers such as: Booth & Alex Smith Photography
Production Managers: Medallion Rottweiler Club
Extras: We'd like to thank all of the other people who we failed to mention in our credits. Especially the owners who've cared for, loved and entertained their Von Baker puppies. You know who you are!